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The impregnated diamond wire has been designed for cutting of all types of granites, from Class-A, Class-B to more abrasive & hard Class-C granites. The abrasive part of the diamond bead consist of a steel ring over which sintered diamond bead is moulded and plasticized with injection moulding. This mechanism adheres better to the beads and support steel rope, which protects it better from the action of abrasive pastes, in particular when the cable takes up small radii of curvature (beginning and end of quarry cuts). TPU provides flexibility & enhances the strength of the steel rope which reduces the risks of irregular wearing of the beads.

Our wires have normally 40 beads per meter length with springs between the beads for better shock absorption. We can offer wires in 12mm or 11.5mm or 11mm diameter depending on customer preferences.

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Wires of RCC Cutting

We have successfully manufactured wire for cutting RCC. Employing this technique for demolition of a factory shed of 5000 square meters, we have been able to cut though beams & columns reinforced with 32mm Diameter Steel. Our product performance has been excellent both in terms of cutting speed & life. 

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Wires For Multi Wire Machines

Wires For Stationary Machines