Diamond Wire for Granite Cutting

Optima has pioneered the use of diamond wire for the purpose of granite mining in India. Our pioneering efforts have helped the Indian granite industry reduce waste, improve recovery & profitability tremendously

 Diamond Wire for Granite Cutting
Quarrying and block shaping of granites & sand stones.
  • Helps obtain maximum yield and drastically reduces waste due to flexibilities; essential when extracting a precious stone.
  • Gives regular shaped block and hence reduces transportation cost.
  • Reduces overall processing time due to accurate cut and minimum subsequent processing needed.
Granite Cutting
We pioneered the manufactured of Diamond Wire for granites in India. We produce both rubberized Diamond Wire as well as plastic coated Diamond Wire. We have produced more than 50 km. of Diamond Wire for all types of granites ranging from black, non-abrasive to multi-colored abrasive granites.
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